dr-rennyApostle Renny McLean was born and raised in London, England but has an extraordinary heritage in Caribbean and Jewish descent. At an early age Renny had an unusual experience with God that made eventually drew him into ministry.

Ordained over twenty years ago by the Church of God Dr. Renny has been ministering and preaching the gospel for over thirty-five years. Dr. Renny has been blessed to preach the gospel in over eighty nations of the world.

Dr. Renny’s anointing has drawn people from every walk of life to hear his teaching. His gifted ministry has blessed the masses as well as those of great influence and power. God has placed Dr. Renny before presidents, peasants to men and women of learning and those who otherwise may have never hear the gospel.

Dr. Renny is also the author of Eternity Invading Time which is in its second edition and has been widely read by spiritual leaders across America and around the world.